External collaborators

Linguaserve boasts an extensive network of external collaborators who share the company’s values of excellence and responsibility, and guarantee the quality of our services.

Among them you can find terminologists, localization technicians, typesetters, posteditors, interpreters, transcreators and translators in more than 150 language combinations all certified by rule ISO 17100:2015.

The experience that Linguaserve has gained since it was founded in 2000 and the rigorous approval process of the Vendor Management team, are what makes Linguaserve a magnificent team of interdisciplinary collaborators made up of native professionals certified in linguistic services.

If you have these qualities and share the Linguaserve values, we would be delighted to welcome you into our community forming a proactive collaboration. To do this, fill out the following form and our team will contact you.

If you’re interested, please send your contact information and your resume to the following email address:

Our team will contact you upon reviewing all the required information.